Success Stories

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We rescued hundreds of cats over the years.

Here we like to tell you of some of the wonderful success stories.

This is our reward!

Have you given a rescue from us a forever home? Found your baby after it gone missing? Please tell us. We want to fill up this page and let people see what we are all about.

Group members only!

This was our smallest ever rescue. Now living in Havant with a wonderful family!

By Jade

So Milo went missing in October 2014 and done the basics of litter tray outside calling late at night and leafleting then I got a call to say Milo was in someone’s garden so I went round to see if it was him all be it it was but he was very scared as by this point he had been gone a month.

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By Heidi

Tabi (Tabitha) In November 2017, I received a call from a couple of Portsmouth lost cats members, and was asked if I had a spare room empty because I offered to take a cat in in an emergency when needed.                                                

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