I get bumping his post on Facebook and still nothing. Then the 9th January 2017 I had woken up to texts from penny 1 asking if milo had been found and then 2nd saying he had been found and was a lovely old lady who was very attached to him and had been feeding him the last 6 months and to ring her first thing in the morning. When I rang Penny I felt every emotion going and didn't know what to do. We arranged to go and see (fluffs) as he was being called, which the old lady’s granddaughter had scanned on the off chance to see if the scanner was working and had to break it to her Nan that fluffs really wasn't hers.

Over the course of the next few days I was inundated with messages telling me how her Nan was really attached to him and that she will be heartbroken to see him go so I spoke to Penny and agreed that if he was happy and healthy then I would maybe let him be as he had been gone so long. On arriving to see Milo with Penny we went into the house and he was pacing up and down but came straight to me when called but he wasn't as happy as I would of thought he would have been he was very fat and was matted in every possible place with a collar that was on way to tight and was actually living right opposite his vet! I asked general questions as to why he hadn't been scanned sooner and was told because he wouldn't allow them near him, which to put a collar on him and feed him 6 times a day I found hard to believe. I decided that it was best to take Milo and get him the attention he needed and on that decision I got verbally abused and told to get out of there house and that I was a disgusting person for taking him from an elderly lady. When taking Milo to the vet the next day he weighed a whopping 8.2kg and needed to be put on a diet and to use clippers to remove the tight mats from his fur which he really was not happy about. But he settled straight back in and turned back into the mummy's boy he once was.

After a year of vet visits getting him up to date with vaccinations, flea worming and his diet along with the new hair cut every 3 months he turned back in to a lovely mat free, healthy weight , and given the all clear by the vet.

He is now fully grounded and even though if a the door is open

he won’t even attempt to go out. So i think it’s safe to say he's now an indoor cat living the life of luxury and being waited on hand and foot.