Working 24/7

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Working to rescue cats 24/7 if need be!



We have a bunch of people who are giving up their time to assist us in maintaining our cabins, where our cats reside during their stay with us. Where they can recuperate from essential medical treatment and being prepared and pampered until they are ready for re-homing, which may include teaching them to use a litter tray as a feral, for example has never used or in fact never seen one.

The cabins have furniture, laser toy chaser, TV for enrichment, Panel wall heaters installed by certificated electricians and they are monitored via surveillance cameras 24/7.

Our cat rescue emergency back up foster cabins each of the 3 cabin units has a separate door before entering the separate unit doors for added security. There are also shutters to each window if needed on stormy or noisy nights (fireworks etc) .


Part of our cabin crew are our cuddle people. They come and interact with the residents, sometimes these cats have never know love or human interaction, so they need to be handled carefully and with patience.

Some of those wonderful human being are school kids, who come after school or on weekends to give these poor creatures some much needed cuddles, so they will be able to enjoy in time a full life with loving new owners.


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Adhering to health and safety and following the animal welfare act. W”e are careful to keep clean and have cabins to required sizes/specifications for fostering the emergency cats rescued. Regular training courses. Sluice room. extra doors and enrichment.

Whenever a resident leaves us, the cabin has to be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and carpeting replaced.


Our matriarch’s husband Kevin builds everything to the specifications laid out by the local authority guidelines.

After work and on weekends, without fail, he is getting his tools out and builds the most wonderful cabins with cat flaps, runs, kitty stairs, climbing shelves and special hiding places for the scared newcomers and much needed maintenance. If a job needs any assistance there is always a caring mate who will help out.


Our cabins are often full and then a foster parent is needed.

Preparing a lost one for re-homing, giving an old or therminally ill cat an end-of-live love and support.

Many cats need special care, medical treatment, time to recuperate or just a place to stay for a while till we find them a forever home.

We will supply food, cat litter, veterinary care, flea and worm treatments.

A challenging undertaking at the best of times.

Many foster parents end up adopting their little wards. We call it a beautiful foster fail.

Home Workers

And there are our ever so busy home workers. Crafting, knitting and crocheting the most beautiful items for our tabletop sales and fundraising Facebook group. Blankets, baby wear, Cat Nip toys and soft cones for the injured ones. And of course face masks during covid. A never ending supply for raising much needed funds.

All work is carried out by our volunteers!

Here is a little inside of what is involved in our endless effort to give cats in need the help they deserve!


The invisible ones. Working behind the scenes.

There is the ever so important bookkeeper to make sure all monies are legit and documented.

And of course our facebook page and group admin personnel. Posting, sharing, dealing with questions and advice for lost, found and re-homing issues. Finding and informing the appropriate person to take action if a cat is in need of our help what ever the situation day and night.


Table top sales volunteers are needed all over the county. We organise them on fetes, expeditions on the streets and in shops. Pets At Home for example is allowing us to set up in front of the store or inside if the weather is wet and/or cold.

Some enthusiasts take it bit further and doing incredible things to raise some pennies for us.


When we do get note of a lost, feral or injured little soul. Our trappers take charge.

Cats are notoriously timid and most of the time very scared. To catch them is a not an easy undertaking. It takes patience, sometime waiting hours on end, day and night in all weather, just to slowly gain their trust or trap them in specially prepared cages. Our trappers are 24/7 on call and their commitment is second to none.


One of the first things we do if we find a cat we scan it for a micro chip. Hopefully it has an owner and we can reunited them. So please, we urge you to scan your cat.

Quite a few of our team carry scanners and are able to go where ever needed to scan a cat on a moments notice.

Also, if you think your latest garden visitor, begging for food could be lost, contact us and we will be able to help what ever the situation.


What would we do without our drivers? Taking cats to the vet for our members who do not have any means to do so themselves, picking up meds and deliver them to the cat parents.  Picking up from shops, who collect food and litter from generous customers who donate them in a collection bin, to be stored at the cabins. Transporting cats to new owners or collecting cats, who have been found miles away from their home. The list is endless. These drivers using their own cars, give their time and money (pay for petrol often themselves) to ensure any kind of transport needed, is taking care of.


We have many supporters, not part of our incredible team, but love and cats a want to help. They give and give and give! Items which can be sold to raise a bit of cash for our kitties.

From kitchen utensils, home appliance, clothes, furniture, tech stuff like phones, tools, brick and brack and what ever else they find in their homes or garage no more needed.

Givers put those items mostly on our fundraising/selling page and donate a percentage or often the full amount to us. Magic.

We receive monthly money donations or sometime times just a one off. Every little amount helps tremendously and we are ever so grateful. The costs we endure, especially vet bills is sometimes going through the roof and anything given from the heart is so very welcome. Thank you all!

Medical Care

A vital part of our work is medical care. Every cat will have a thorough check up up by a vet, is being spayed/neutered, wormed and receive flea treatment. If ill or injured an appropriate treatment will be arranged and if possible moved to our cabins or taking in to be  fostered and be nursed back to health. Many have long term illnesses and need special care and medication. We are working closely with several local vets and of course our Vet2Cat, who does home visits for our more demanding kitties.

Collectors #top


Last not least our collectors of deceased cats. Not a job for the faint hearted. Sadly cats often die of illness, hiding themselves away or being hit by a car and left on the side of the road. Ferals and domestic alike. When one is found we are called into action to collect this poor animal. We’ll take it to a secure place and scan it. Hopefully we are able to notify its owner or if there is none found, we ensure a dignified passing over the Rainbow Bridge.

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We do what we do because we care!